Kuulpeeps Listicle Challenge: Enjoy The Real Life Kantata In The Comfort Of Your Trotro Seat

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If there is a rite of passage no one should ever miss out on, aside going to boarding school in senior high, of course, it will definitely be sitting in a trotro, affectionately called, troski. Oh, wait you think everyone has had that privilege? Well, sorry to burst your poor bubble, but the Ghana, ebi three. There are also some small towns in Ghana, where you will hardly see a troski, like in Sunyani.

Riding in troski is a live Kantata show you get to watch for as little as 3.50p. The variety in human behavior you get to experience and live to share with your great great grand children, is certainly undefeated. Depending on your luck, one troski can has all these characters in one ride. Let’s get into these characters:

1. The Scientists

photograph; white trotro

Before the troski leaves the station, you are likely to meet Albert Einstein’s descendants. They walk so AKI OLA can fly to be honest. They always have that one drug that can cure EVERYTHING in the world. Is it Covid? Hypertension? Broken heart? Joint pains? Aunty Akua trusted them and so can you.

2. Invited Guests

image via Kuulpeeps

It is only right to give honour to whom honour is due. These are the people that either join you and alight before the troski takes off or go on the journey with you. We all know about the preachers and how they throw shade at you and stare down at you till you remove your earphones or put your phone away. Now what about the people who join to beg for funds and keep staring till guilty-co barbs you and you have to give them something small. It is like they were both trained to intimidate the weaklings.

Nosy Rosy

photograph; inside of a trotro

Now the car is moving and you want something to keep you busy, so you log onto to twitter or go to your WhatsApp chats. While at it you feel these heavy eyeballs on your shoulder. For a moment you think it’s Sumsum, but it’s not, it’s Aunty Martha looking at you retweeting a nude picture on the TL. I have heard that to get rid of them, you need to open your camera and let their face show, but YOU CANNOT SHAME THE SHAMELESS! They will still look!

The Fare Police

Image of a woman sitting in a trotro. Source: ghkasa.com

These are my favorite kind of people because they fight for us weaklings and save us from conniving mates and drivers when they want to increase fares. My favorite thing about them is when they start speaking Big big English to prove they know what they are saying. You can’t war with them! However, it gets a little to much when the fight extends to other passengers. Like bro, we are supposed to be on the same team!

The Big Money Spenders

Chinese in Trotro coronavirus
photograph; inside of a trotro

These people are the initiators of all the drama in the troski. How can you wake up early morning and give 100gh to the mate for a 2.50p fare? Is it crack??? After 2 minutes they will be shouting “mate mensesa ma me nsesa”. Would you keep quiet and sit down? Where should he get it from??

Diet shakers

photograph; inside of a trotro

Do you know what it is like to be engulfed in the sweet smell of Roasted corn as soon as you enter a troski? Have you ever stepped in a troski on Monday morning, 7 am to be precise, only to be surrounded by the spicy aroma of Nkosua ne Meko? If not, then you don’t know what real temptation is. You are stuck between satisfying your craving and having the onion smelling mouth at work, or just swallowing the taste in the air, while enviously insulting the eater and moving on. These people are actually the worst!

The Unemployed Perchers

Trotros are the main mode of transport for many Ghanaians

These ones are not even paying for the ride and yet they are the loudest. I feel sorry for the adults in charge of them because they do what they want and nobody can tell them not to. They will touch your earphones, stand in the car, cry for your plantain chips, bend your seat over and over and you can’t complain because they are kids and that would just make you evil.

Snow Whiters

photograph; inside of a trotro

Look at Accra and the noise from cars, hawkers and angry drivers; Look at the state of our roads and the lungu-lungu (shortcuts) drivers use to avoid traffic. All these earthquaking movements and you are able to sleep?? Must be a poison. I get that you are tired, but when did I become Latex Foam? Even after you move their head or shift your body, they will still manage to lie on your shoulder. I mean after assisting your heavy head, the least you can do is pay my transport.

And it’s a wrap on the various personalities you will encounter in a troski.

Did I leave anyone out?? Let me know!

By: Tawiah Naana Mensah



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