Labeling: The Good, The Bad And The Unnecessary

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The act of designating a name to someone based on a particular thing; that is what labeling is. Assigning a name to someone or categorizing someone or something based on traits or characteristics that are unique to that category. Here’s a personal take on labeling.

Labels Help To Identify

Labeling helps understand cultures and differences. It is a way of acknowledging that things or human beings belong to this or that category people or things. An example is arranging particular documents into a specific order based on their contents or importance; another example is how some people identify as Ghanaians or Ivorian or males or females. By labeling such things and people, we know what they are and where they belong.

Labeling Helps Differentiate

By assigning people to categories, we differentiate them from others. This allows us to anticipate future reactions towards them in order to not to hurt feelings.

Helps To Create awareness

Labeling is used as tools to create awareness for something one believes in or feel. Someone who self-labels as Christian wants to let others know this is what he/she is; the same way someone who labels as genderfluid aims to let people know he/she doesn’t belong to a specific gender. That done, conversations can be had about those labels so people will know how to approach without being unintentionally offending.

Labeling As A Motivation

Labeling can be a trigger for motivation when you aspire to be someone or when you want to achieve something. You can label yourself as a conqueror and winner because you thrive in anything you do. And this leads to more victories later on.

Ps: I label as Star ⭐️ *hehe

It’s Important To Self-Label Yourself Positively!

When It Comes To Labelling, It’s Not All Good

Labeling therefore is viewed as an easy and convenient way to know yourself or others. Still, taking a stand that labeling is 100% good doesn’t capture the whole aspect of it.

Labeling As A Reason For Lacking

Labeling becomes bad and awful when it is used as an excuse for incompetency. Workers who always self-label as tired when they have a job to do are using it for their laziness #takeresponsibility. Also, someone who doesn’t have self love can label themselves badly like I’m not nice ‘which wouldn’t actually be the case’ #stopbadself-labeling.

Judgmental Labeling

  • People tend to use labeling for mean ends, they assign others to categories based on their own judgments. Eg: she doesn’t cover herself so she’s a hoe; or he is young and rich, must be drug money.

Yo! People must learn to mind their business uh..

Labeling As An Insult

Labeling people based on their disability is wrong and lame. And everyone must know this for a fact! A child who doesn’t have a normal body development or not the regular body size in the class room is labeled Shortingo or called by names which reminds him/her of their lack #stopwronglabeling.

Static Labels Are For Cans, Things Not Humans

Humans do not need to be attributed to categories. We are humans; we grow, we change, we think, we need, we want, we exist and we explore. Assigning us to a category other than human doesn’t capture our whole human nature and restricts us from fully exploring or discovering ourselves.

When to label?

When you have assign yourself to a specific category. And When you are sure of what label to use.

Ps: labeling isn’t compulsory

What must be done?

  • Accept people as they are
  • Do not jump conclusions (really important)
  • Understand and accept people not being like you

Labeling is a tricky one, to 100% stand on whether it is good or bad isn’t the main issue. The real question must be on whether it is really necessary to label. Answer; it depends. Labeling can lead to psychological and physical consequences, but there are also instances when it can be a good thing.



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