How To Build A Portfolio While You’re Still In School

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So building a portfolio doesn’t isn’t as scary as it might sound to you. In fact, when you’re in school is a great time to start working on your professional portfolio. Basically, a document that is going to show employers how awesome you are, and that you would be a kickass new hire for their company. Here are some things you can do to build a great portfolio while you’re still in school.

Get Some Extracurricular Activities

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Believe it or not, having extracurriculars like being part of a sports club, running in a marathon or even just belonging to club on campus can increase your chances of landing a job once you’re out of school. Employers will favour a candidate that shows (even through extracurriculars) that they have focus, drive and are motivated.

Get An Internship

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An internship is arguably the biggest plus to your portfolio while you’re still in school. Just getting one greatly increases your chances of landing a job once you’re on the job market. And in addition, there’s also always the possibility that you might one day work at a company where you’re interned.

Get A Part-time Job/Start A Business

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The more that you have a feel for the working world and you understand how to make money for an organization, the more that you’re an asset for any company. You can start an online business or work for one of your parents if there’s a chance to. Basically, showing real world business acumen on your portfolio is a great way to get a job.

Create A LinkedIn Profile

BERLIN, GERMANY – DECEMBER 14: The Logo of business and employment-oriented service LinkedIn is displayed on a smartphone on December 14, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

Finally, you’re going to need a place to actually document all your skills, achievements and experiences. LinkedIn is a great choice in that case. All of your information is in one place, and in addition you can show that portfolio other people quite easily.



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