Allan Harvey Breaks Down New Single “Nobody But You”

Allan Harvey

There has been a surge in new fast-rising artists in Ghana, giving us the best of music. You won’t always find a love song that always resonates with your exact feeling but Ghanaian fast-rising star, Allan Harvey did just that in his new song.

On June 24th, a lot of people like myself woke up to a heavily engrossing new tune on their Timeline on Twitter from a new cat no one actually knew but had most of our favourite underground acts pushing this tune of his.

Despite being ironically titled “Nobody But You” this song had everything you’d be looking for in a love song. A hint of perversion, a dab of pain, a dash of love and the final ingredient, corny loving.

Nobody But You was produced by Tundrabeats and mixed and mastered by 7thRomahn with supporting vocals by Mvjah

Allan Harvey had to be hunted down and made to explain this masterpiece of a track. When asked to speak about “Nobody But You” this is what Allan had to say;

“Nobody But You” was originally not supposed to be mine, the beat was sent to me by another artist, a good friend of mine, for a verse, he himself hadn’t come up with anything, under a week later I came up with the first verse and sent it to Kenisalive, he was wowed, he later told me to keep the beat and finish the song because, in his own words, “you for kill am finish”, so I did, with the help of another artist friend Mvjah I came up with the chorus too, and then I topped the song off with the second verse, Recorded with my guy 7thRomahn and boom we made magic.

 How would you best describe “Nobody But You”?

“Nobody But You” is a song written by a lover to his love, proclaiming his love and affection for the only woman he could ever love, pleading for her to come back to him and ignore all the lies of his past that he hid from her

What would you say pushed you to tap into your musical talent?

I believe music for me started since i was born, i have always loved music, in any form or genre. Making music started at 15, when my brother took me along to one of his studio sessions where i wrote my first two songs, that same day, i came up with the lyrics there and there and the songs were lit, for a 15 year old, they were, so since then, I’ve just kept at it, writing what i feel, what i see and how i feel about it and putting it on a record. I’m not sure what the future holds, all i know is I’m going to keep doing what i know how to best, which is giving good music

 My inspiration usually comes from within, I don’t think i draw my inspiration from anywhere else or from someone, my inspiration is usually my emotions and thoughts and opinions etc but I’d say my biggest influence in music would be Juma Mufasa(my brother), i learnt almost all i know from him.

Otherwise, most of the artiste i listen to have a degree of influence on my music.”

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Source: Stephen K. Deku Jnr.

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