4 Things Men Want You To Know About The Way They Think

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Majority of the time, women are considered to be the most complicated gender but if we are being honest with ourselves, we would realise that men are also as complicated as women are sometimes. Maybe it manifests in different forms but the mixed signals are still there. If you’ve wondered a lot about why men think the way they do or wanted to know why do they certain things, keep reading to know more.

1. They love compliments

Even as much as you. They may not say it or even act like they do, but they do. Tell them how they look good or how they make you feel and how you like it when they do something that makes you feel good. Just let them know they’re doing great when they are.

2. Buy them random gifts too

A lot of times, it’s the other way round. Guys tend to buy stuff for women more than women buying stuff for men which really ain’t it. Guys love it when you send them random stuff which shows that you’re thinking about them wherever you are. You know that feeling you get when he gets you something? They get that too so sometimes, surprise them with something.

3. They actually want to solve your issues

Ladies sometimes just want to vent and be supported but when you do this with your man, they tend to find ways to solve the problem for you and even point out how you were wrong. It can be frustrating but this usually stems from a place of love. They don’t want to see or hear you suffering and so they’ll try to find ways to fix the problem for you.

4. You can take the lead in the bedroom

Mostly because of how society makes sex seem like a men’s thing and not really for women, ladies usually take a step back in the bedroom but the truth of the matter is, men like it when you take over. Express your fantasies and let them know how to please you. Let them know when it’s hitting right. All of that sums up to a great sexual experience and that’s a win win situation.

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