Pandamonae Is Out With Debut Single Of The Year “LABA LABA”

Pandamonae Is Out With Debut Single Of The Year "LABA LABA" (image via Twitter/pandamonae)

Pandamonae, who is regarded as the leader of the Panda Force, is an Afro Swing/Fusion singer

and songwriter. On the 25th of June 2021 he releases his first single of the year titled “Laba Laba”. From the jump of the record, you can hear Pandamonae talking about how sometime in the past his vibe wasn’t good enough and he had to work on himself as an artiste and as an individual to become better and also referencing how tough times wouldn’t last forever in his growth process.

Speaking on the track Panda States: “Laba Laba is about me as an individual channeling my inner power to yield greatness. It’s also a dedication.”


Being from a place like Lagos, Nigeria where there is a high number of Talent and unending supply of music. Pandamonae’s main aim is to be able to create a force which he calls the

“Panda Force” which consists of fans and loyalists of his sound and also be able to this sound global touching lives and connecting people with stories and melodies that stick.

As Pandamonae would always say, “May the Panda force be with you”. This was coined from one of his favorite movie franchises “Star Wars”.

Listen to Laba Laba:

Source: the49thStreet

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