D3lah_say On Why She Can’t Get Enough Of Twitter And 10 Tweets That Live Rent-Free In Her Mind


The Twitter space in Ghana is an interesting one. From the arguments to the controversies to the users and influencers who run the space, Twitter Ghana has got it all.

One popular tweep and influencer in the Ghana Twitter space is Delase (D3lah_say), but she reveals that she is no longer a big fan of Twitter.

“It’s no longer my favourite app, but I’m in a toxic relationship with it. No, I don’t have a favourite social media app anymore,” she told Kuulpeeps.


“The Twitter space now has so many problems and it’s not fun as it used to be. Now, people are being mean to each other, there’s bigotry, homophobia and other forms of discrimination.”

“Back then, Twitter used to be a place where I go when I’m stressed to have fun and get my mind off what’s stressing me. But now, what goes on there even stresses you more. And that’s where the toxic relationship comes in… I hate it now but can’t seem to leave,” she explained.

She continued: “I’ve learned and unlearned a whole lot on Twitter, and I’ve curated my TL such that I’m surrounded by sensible people and tweets.”

Delase also indicated that she has also made off Twitter as an influencer.


She further revealed her worst and best experience on Twitter.

“Worst experience was when I was locked out of my old account for no reason. I had 19.7k followers, and at the time I was jobless so influencing was my source of income… And the best experience must be when I got hired by an advertising agency off of how they liked my brand influencing style.”

Delase also shared with us ten tweets that will forever live rent-free in her mind. Check them out:


Which of these tweets listed by Delase does also live rent-free in your mind? Tell us.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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