You Need To See This List Of The Best Dressed Women To Ever Grace The VGMA Red Carpet

Photograph of Jackie on the VGMA red carpet 2021 via @tv3_Ghana

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is an annual show that highlights the best artists and influencers in Ghana. 

Most of us seen how the awards have escalated as years pass by, turning into one of the most spectacular nights of year. The night sees performers put on their best and come onto the red carpet ready to stun and make the VGMA one of their most enjoyable nights even in spite of the award outcomes.

Let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding outfits from 2015 all the way up till now. 

Where’s Her Crown?

Sister Deborah on the VGMA red carpet (2015)

2015 VGMA star @sisterdeborah looking so gorgeous with her well designed and shaped princess dress, her simple and cute make up which fades into her natural skin tone accentuated by long Brazilian hair and that smile!

Cinderella At The 2016 VGMA

Victoria Michaels on the VGMA Red Carpet 2016
Victoria Michaels on the VGMA Red Carpet 2016

Who says Cinderella can’t be a Ghanaian-Nigerian icon? Mind you, Cinderella aka Victoria Michaels, came right through the main gate for the grand VGMA night dressed in a captivating look, from natural beauty to her make-up and dress design and that stunning dress color. The fairy parents did a good job, ooouurrraaaayy! You made it, congrats.


Say what?

See Gold!

Selly Galley at VGMA 2K17

Meet Selly Galley, the Ghanaian TV Star and ex BBA housemate who, as always, decided to blow our minds on the VGMA 2017 red carpet. She was elected Glam Africa’s VGMA 2017 best dressed. This golden look is one of the more memorable outfits of the VGMA red carpet.

Queen Of Jazz

Stephanie Benson on the VGMA red carpet (2017)

You’ve either heard of Stephanie Benson or we’re cancelling? The Ghanaian singer known as the queen of Jazz shook us with her iconic look on the 2017 VGMA red carpet. She reminds us of Maleficent on the Disney film “mistress of evil” but obviously, the beautiful and sexy side of Mal. Personally, we like absolutely everything about her look.

Icing On The Cake

Berla Mundi dressed for the VGMA (2018)

VGMA 2018’s host Berla Mundi, the Ghanaian media personality was the icing on the cake of that year’s VGMA. Bold statement, but you be the judge of that. Her impressive look; from the hairstyle, to the makeup and her red velvet dress on the red carpet. Stunning, Miss Mundi!

On Point!

Wendy Shay dressed for VGMA 2019

Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay slayed in a gorgeous dark green dress at the 2019 VGMA. She didn’t only wow us with her looks but also her amazing talent which got her the best new artist award win. Here’s Wendy Shay in her dark green balloon dress on the red carpet of VGMA 2019.

Mona Montrage

Mona Montrage on the 2019 VGMA red carpet

Mostly known as Haija4reall on Instagram, she always gets our attention with her outstanding dressing and looks. Above, in a blue mermaid shaped dress, Mona is looking extremely attractive under the 2019 VGMA spotlight.

  • Shine Mona shine!

VGMA 2020 Exposed The Chic And Fabulous, Queen Of The Night

Sika Osei dressed for the 2020 VGMAs

Can’t stop asking myself what she was staring at, but still that pose, that look … it’s everything!

Making A Second Appearance …

Berla Mundi on the VGMA red carpet (2020)

Berla Mundi knows how to reach our hearts. Flawlessly flawless. With this look and apparel, Berla stood above the crowd.

Cina Soul!

All pretty on the night of the VGMA 2020 was Cina soul. Her choices were natural hair, and rocking a spectacular jumpsuit.

Cina Soul on the VGMA red carpet (2020)

Our Mind Dey For You!

Jackie on the VGMA red carpet (2021) via @tv3_ghana

Jackie showed up to this year’s VGMA looking like a princess right off the pages of a Disney book, wearing a beautiful overflowing silver gown.

These are some of the most impressive looks that we’ve seen at the VGMA over the years. And we can’t wait to see what the celebs have to blow our minds with next year!



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