Here We Go Again: Who Can Afford These Ridiculous Accra Prices? You?

Image via @1tedbaker on Twitter. PC: @monarch_moments

Have you heard the joke that, “poor people don’t deserve leisure.” And ei! At some point, that quote has become true because the prices of some leisure activities in Accra will make you stop and count the zeros.

Today, someone shared the prices of a getaway (where you pay per night) and some of the activities that you can do on that getaway. Err … just see for yourself.

Crazy prices, right? Or is that just my poverty speaking? Anyway, as usual, the internet has got top tier jokes. And we’re bringing you a front row seat to some of the savagery.


Arhnn, Unless This

Maybe There’s A Reason We Keep Jumping To Money Laundering. No?

Prices Go Up. And They Stay There. And They Stay There

In Case You Needed Someone To Translate It Into Your Money For You

Lmao. You Do Have To Wonder



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