Don’t Throw Them Away! Here’s How To Use Silica Gel Packets Around The House

A lot of us just throw these little packets away without knowing that they can actually save our lives in some situations. If you’re keeping them for any of the things we are going to list below, remember that they aren’t to be ingested and should be placed somewhere kids cannot reach.

1. Save your phone

If you mistakenly put your phone in water, instead of rice, you can put your phone in a ziplock and add a number of silica gel packets into it. Leave it for about 48hours. It will absorb all the moisture.

2. Put it in your gym bag

If these packets are at the bottom of your gym bag, they’ll absorb the moisture in there and smell from your workout clothes and shoes.

3. Treasured memories

You can place a number of packets where you put your photo album, important books and documents and any other item you love to keep for sentimental reasons. They’ll keep them fresh and dry.

4. Prevents rust

Items made from metal like razors can be kept together with packets of silica gel to prevent excess moisture from destroying the blades.

5. Keeping photography gear

Equipments used in photography are very expensive and are particularly sensitive to moisture and condensation. Silica gel packets help with that as they absorb the moisture.

We hope you’ve learnt something new.


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