Census Night And The 100 Possible Questions Enumerators Would Be Asking

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The evening of June 27, has been noted as the census night for the 2021 housing and population census.

The counting of the houses started days ago and enumerators recruited by the Ghana Statistical Service have documented several housing structures in all corners of the country.

Now, they are starting the counting of people – every individual Ghanaian.

That is why there was the need for a census night. This basically serves as a reference point where the enumerators would ask who lived or spent the night in your already documented housing structure on the night of the 27th.

This is to prevent double counting. So even if you live with your parents and you spent the night of June 27 at a friend’s for a slumber party, then you have to be counted as part of those in your friend’s house and not your parents’.

If you are in school, then you would be counted there.

Remember, it is where you were at 11:59 pm on the night of June 27.

However, it goes beyond counting people, it is about electronic gadgets available in the house, source of drinking water, whether there is a car or bicycle at home and a lot of others.


The enumerators have a very detailed questionnaire. The data is necessary for planning purposes and so everyone should try as much as possible to help.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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