5 Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Kelewele Seller

Kelewele is fried spicy ripe plantain which goes really well with groundnuts. If you don’t like Kelewele, you’re simply bad vibes. Everyone has that one Kelewele woman who they’ll bet their last coin on if they were to talk about the best Kelewele joints. If you want to find your own kelewele joint, look out for these red flags.

1. They use rechargeable lamps/bulbs

Yes, we know the world is moving forward and obviously things will have to change but honestly. Some of the most orgasmic kelewele is from the women who use “bobo.” The fumes from that lamp adds to the unique nature of the food you’re buying.

2. They sell in the afternoon

Kelewele that is being sold in the afternoon de33 line b3n? If you really want to eat kelewele, get the one being sold in the evening. The darkness adds a little “umph” to the food. Generally, it hits better in the evening.

3. They use Kitchen Tongs

Original kelewele sellers are not bothered by how hot the kelewele is. They’ll use their fingers and not even flinch when they touch the hot food. Some of those who use the kitchen tongs are too refined 🌚🌚. Maybe this isn’t a major red flag but be on the look out👀

4. They don’t use newspapers

Newspapers are good for the environment and necessary for the original kelewele taste as opposed to putting them in white polythene bags. The paper also absorbs the extra oil in the kelewele so you see? Eating kelewele from these women help protect the environment. 😌

5. People don’t go there often

That’s your telltale sign that the kelewele isn’t nice but then again too, maybe people haven’t discovered her yet so it’s a 50 50 thing. You can go try it to satisfy your curiosity.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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