5 Myths About Dandruff We Are Debunking Today

A flaky scalp is always going to be a problem especially after a week of getting new braids done. Dandruff is created by the mixture of oil and yeast. There is also the genetic factor where it’s known that sometimes, dandruff runs in families. There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions about dandruff which have been passed down from generation to generation and we want to clear the air.

Myth 1: Dandruff is only caused by dry scalp

People with dry skin are usually the ones who are victims of dandruff but people with oily skin are also victims too. Malassezia yeast feed on the oil (sebum) on your skin and scalp. They thrive when there’s more of it present and so if you have oily skin, they’ll be present.

Myth 2: You should scratch all the dandruff out of your hair before applying shampoo

If you stress your scalp like this, it causes pain and irritations. Also, the flakes may even come back thicker because the scalp is trying to protect itself.

Myth 3: Dandruff is contagious

A lot of older people still believe and pass on this false information. Dandruff isn’t a cold. You don’t catch it from someone.

Myth 4: An oil treatment will help

A lot of websites claim oil treatments will help your dandruff as it will help moisturize your scalp if it’s dry. What if your dandruff is caused by an oily scalp? What then? This will just result in greasier dandruff.

Myth 5: You should wash your hair less if you have dandruff

Maybe it makes sense. You have a dry scalp and you’re battling with dandruff. Maybe it’s caused by you washing your hair frequently? No. Washing your hair once a week helps remove the dandruff and buildup in your hair.

We hope this information puts things in perspective for you.

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