10 Outfits We Don’t Want To See At The 2021 VGMAs

In a few hours we will be gushing all over the outfits that will be worn at the 22nd edition of the VGMAs tonight by your favourite celebrities. If you have a ticket, it’s important to know what not to wear as Ghanaians are watching.

We gathered images from the previous editions of the show which were tagged “worst dressed” so you can have a fair idea of what you should avoid wearing.

1. Nadjat, VGMA 2012

Image via ameyawdebrah.com


Image via ameyawdebrah.com

3. Belinda Baidoo, 2015 VGMAs

Image via ameyawdebrah.com

4. Akuapem Poloo, 2018 VGMA

Image via ameyawdebrah.com

5. Akuapem Poloo, 2019 VGMA

Akuapem Poloo at the 2019 VGMA

Six, 2018 VGMA

Image via graphic.com.gh

7. Former radio and TV presenter Dede, 2012 VGMA

Image via peacefmonline.com


Image via ghpage.com

Nine, 2018 VGMA

Image via primenews.com.gh

Ten, 2012 VGMA

Image via ameyawdebrah.com

Remember, whatever you decide to wear, people are watching and photographers are taking pictures. You may think you’re a “nobody” but if you don’t dress for the occasion, you and your outfit will live forever on the Internet.

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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