Ghanaians Mourn 23-Year-Old Yanick Agyeman Who Was Electrocuted

Yanick Agyeman. Photo credit: @Gyaigyimii/Twitter

Old students of Okuapeman Senior High School are mourning the tragic passing of one of their own.

Yesterday, while going out to retrieve his mobile phone from a phone repairer, Yanick Agyeman reportedly slipped and tried to rely on an electric pole for support.

However, the cables on the electric pole were faulty and according to reports, when Yanick touched the pole, he was electrocuted.

The sad incident occurred in Taifa in Accra.

Since the story of his sad passing was shared, disheartened Ghanaians started paying tribute to the 23-year-old.

Many are drawing parallels between his passing and the call to Fix The Country.

It is believed that if the ECG officials, who installed the pole and the cables, had done their job, then Yanick would have been alive today.

His family has already indicated that they would be suing ECG for his passing.


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