Fans React To KiDi’s Sensual Album ‘The Golden Boy’

KiDi. Photo credit: KiDi/Twitter

The July weather is meant for you to me with someone or as many as people you want to share it with. We are not here to judge.

Thanks to KiDi, you now have a playlist go along with all the things you’d be doing.

One complete album, 14 songs and 39 minutes of running time should be enough for you to get the deal down. Then you can hit replay for the cuddling and just lying around for no reason part.

KiDi’s beautiful album called ‘The Golden Boy’ has got mad R&B vibes that has got some of his die hard fans starting a Grammys buzz.

Beyond the Grammys convo, KiDi’s album is a masterpiece and a testament to the kind of artist he is.

This will be his third album after ‘Sugar,’ if you count the ‘Afro Beats Collaborations Vol. 5’ also as an album.

Just like us, his fans can’t get enough of this album.

KiDi is really the smooth operator and masterfully playing off his sugar daddy tag with the girls to his advantage.


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