These Are The Best E-Reader Apps For Mobile

Woman using a phone. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There are several mobile applications that are dedicated to making the mobile reading experience more comfortable. However, even among those numerous titles, there are a few apps that stand out. These apps don’t just bring the functionality, they also make the e-reading experience so good that even the most die-hard physical copy book fans will reconsider their stance.

Moon Reader

MoonReader e-reading app

If you’re the type of person who likes their things just a certain way, then you’re going to love Moon Reader. This app allows you to change everything from the way a page looks to how it flips. You can choose to make your pages look exactly like a paperback and even make it flip like one.

Or you can go completely in the opposite direction (as modern as possible) and choose a dark theme with automatic scrolling; which you can set the speed for.

What Moon Reader promises you is a 100% completely customizable experience, and for someone who’s trying to build a reading habit, all you want is for things to be tailored to you as possible.

Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle e-reading app for mobile

You’ll be pleased to learn that the Amazon Kindle app is completely free for both Android and iOS. These days Kindles have more or less become synonymous with a good e-reading experience. And the kindle app’s selling point is that, if you have an android, or and iPhone, then you already have a Kindle. All you have to do is to get the app.

Apart from being able to import your own books into your library, the Kindle app also gives you access to a bigger collection than you could ever fit in a room. Although these titles are for sale, the convenience of learning about a book, and getting it almost immediately is well worth it.

These apps have both been incredibly well designed. And your choice of e-reader depends on whether you want to import your own collection, or get access to one of the biggest e-libraries out there.



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