6 Go-To Places To Get Some Good Fast Food As An International Student

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As an international student, finding a comfy place to grab lunch can be harder than most might think. Personally, when it comes to eating outdoors in Ghana, I picture it as going broke the following day.

Yes, food is one of the more expensive treats in the country, but some fast food places appear to be more affordable. If you are looking for just such a place, check out the list of fast food joints below.


Yes, the obvious top spot, KFC. It’s the first fast food place you walk into when you first arrive in Ghana. As a Beninese, I didn’t grow up knowing KFC; we do not have it in my country. I was simply eager to taste it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t just delicious and fulfilling, but also really affordable. I enjoyed it as a chicken x French fries lover, and the price was an additional incentive as an international student.

Burger King

Burger King, the King of burgers. I can agree with that assumption. Burger King offers tasty and mouth-watering burgers and fries. Yes! The burgers go well with the fries; and Burger King offers different varieties of burgers and sandwiches made to leave you craving for more. The restaurant is a place where you are welcome to feel less serious and just relax. Their attractive interior, the affordability and the king hats drive children, parents and youth into the restaurant.


Have you ever heard of Papaye? One of the great places to treat yourself with good and affordable food in Accra. I got to know about Papaye during an excursion I took with my former English school about 3 years ago. We did a stopover to grab food. The environment was pleasant, full with customers and still, the employees managed to get us a great place to have fun while eating. It was nice and we were full at an okay price.

Koffee Lounge

As a former student of Lancaster University Ghana, where to eat in the AnC mall used to be a big question mark with me and my friends. Formerly, we used to eat at Coco Vanilla but as we became familiar with the mall we noticed Koffee Lounge, looked it up on the web and decided to get lunch from there. What we noticed at first was the traditional outfits the employees had; we really did appreciate those. Then the quantity of the food! If we knew it was going to be that much I am pretty sure we could have shared same orders between ourselves. The fast food surpassed our expectations; it’s affordable and you’re assured of both quality and quantity;) .

Master Hand

I totally recommend master hand! Home and feeling lazy to cook? Like I said, totally recommend master hand! This Chinese fast food restaurant offers delicious meals. It is my assorted fried-rice QG (General Quartier). So if you’re home wondering where to get food from, try it out.

Mr. Wu’s Chinese Fast Food

As the name says it is a Chinese restaurant for the Chinese food lovers. I can’t say I am a Chinese food lover, but my friend is eager when it comes to eating Chinese, and introduced me to Mr. Wu’s Chinese dishes. We got noodles and it came with Chinese chop sticks (hehe). I tried to use them but it was a ‘nay’ for me. Still, I can’t tell you how marvelous it was! I haven’t been to the joint cause we got it delivered but you should walk in sometime. It comes with the whole Chinese touch.

Those are fast food joints you can walk in and roughly spend less than 50gh and even get take away. They are all over Accra and can be found on Google. Delivery, take-away or in place eating; you are the chef of what you want.


Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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