Working On Yourself In Order To Overcome Hurt And Grow

Photo by Godstime Linus from Pexels

Acquaintances, friends and relatives tend to cause hurt in different types of ways. The harmed can feel it’s impossible to get past, or even if they do, they still hold on to grudges, anger or even hate. That can destroy them bit by bit. Here’s some tips on how you shouldn’t give yourself wrinkles over someone who abused you.

First Accept That You Are Mad And Analyze The Situation

Ask yourself how it all started with the person. By doing so, you refer to your relationship with the person if you ever had one. Analyze the situation and the reason you’re hurt. What could have caused that person to hurt your feelings?

You likely either wronged the person or they were deliberately hurt.
If it’s first option, learn to apologize and it will help bring you closure. In the second case, you must take a deep breath. If you feel you deserve an explanation, ask for one, and if you’re unable to, learn to let it go in your own way.

Do Something You Like Or Talk To Someone You Vibe With But Be Careful How Much You’re Sharing!

In the process of letting it go, do something you like to do. It can be anything that brings you happiness. Anything that is a departure from the pain.

You can also try talking to someone you trust. However, there’s no need to talk about your feelings if you don’t want to. Having someone you can discuss things with can help look at events in a better light, and help a lots in your recovering process.

The Most Important Thing Is To Grow

True, the hurt happened, but the story doesn’t stop there. Use it as a lesson and avoid similar situations in future. You can also be a teacher in someone else’s life. Use your personal experience to grow. Improve yourself psychologically and physically and glow like a Star.

Take-away: Life teaches lessons in odd ways, accept the pain and chose to work to overcome hurt. Grow and Glow!



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