Jaush The Foodie Shares His Passion For Food And How He Creates Magic With These 5 Apps


Jaush is a foodie who creates amazing food content for his followers on social media.

“I love the sight of food and anything nice made from rice,” he said with excitement.

Jaush The Foodie

His brand is known as ‘Jaush The Foodie’, and according to him, he was inspired to do something positive with food after was made fun of for being a food lover when he was young.

“They used to tease me as a ‘foodian’ back in primary school, and growing up I just felt it will be a good platform to use that in a positive way,” he revealed.

He, however, officially started creating food content in 2015 when he realized he “can cash out from the love of food,” and also because he appreciates the aesthetics of food.

“But most of all I just love taking pictures and snaps of food,” he added.


“Cooking is therapeutic. Anything about food is just a hobby for me. From making it to filming and then consuming it,” he stated.

With that said, Jaush shared 5 apps that he uses to create food content on his phone. Check them out:

A mobile phone camera

He uses his the camera on his iPhone to take photos and videos of the food he prepares.

iPhone X camera


This app allows him to edit, add text, and also watermark the photos with his logo.

Phonto app

For video content, these are the apps he uses:


This is is a fully featured video editor app that allows him to create videos of his food by combining clips, text and other artistic effects.

Videoleap app


This app allows him to edit and fully customize the videos on his phone.

Splice app


He sometimes also uses iOS app to edit his videos.

iMovie app

source: kuulpeeps.com

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