Dating Problems, Revelations And All That Drama: The Date Rush Reunion

Date Rush. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

Last night’s episode of Date Rush took a page right out of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunions with Andy Cohen as the host.

It was filled with drama, insults, counselling, more insults, more drama, revelations, dance moves, giving out gifts and an unexpected great fall.

The purpose of the Date Rush Reunion was to indicate a ‘Where Are They Now’ effect and give the audience an idea of how their relationships have traveled since they got dates on the show.

However, there was never a dull moment as almost all the couples had one issue or the other. In most of their discussions, a common set of themes started to emerge.

I’m Busy

For a relationship to move from just the talking stage to the real boyfriend and girlfriend stage the two must do just that – talk. However, if in couple A the man is busy, in couple B the lady is busy. Since the show was taped, most of them had not prioritised each other to dedicate some time of actually trying to make it work.

DMs and Crushing

In a modern-day relationship problem but certainly not a new relationship problem, it was revealed that while others got dates, they were in the DMs of others. This was sowing the seeds of doubts and notions of one preferring others instead of the date they got or chose on the show.

Some of the cast of Date Rush. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

GHS 15

When one is stranded they call on their better half to help them out. However, when this person is not really your better half, or at least hasn’t explicitly said so do you still rely on them. How about asking them for GHS 15? Then when the person has sent you GHS 50 instead and finally gotten you out of the situation, do you then ask them whether you should pay back the money? Or you just go ahead and pay the money, maybe with a little extra amount or with a rather heartfelt thank you note?

Some of the cast of Date Rush. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana


Anger in any situation does not help solve the problem. It rather often aggravates the situation. However, recognizing that it is your flaw and managing it helps to diffuse tension. Especially when you had promised your late mother on her dying bed that you would keep it in check.

The Great Fall

No matter what you are wearing, whether in heels or flats, once you are on national television, you have to mind your steps. After exposing someone who has been sending lured messages though the person had a date, you at least want to make sure that your exit game is on point. Taking a tumble on TV gives him an escape because now you are the topic of discussion.

If Date Rush has done one thing, it is giving national prominence to everyday relationship problems people are encountering behind closed doors.


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