Social Media For Good: Like A Post And CFAO Ghana Will Donate $10K To Orphaned Children

Awo Tsegah and the CFAO Ghana Team. Photo credit: CFAO Ghana

Orphaned children are one of the most disadvantaged groups of people in our society.

Ensuring that they are taken care of will go a long way in ensuring that they get the necessary support system they need to grow into well-meaning members of society.

Now, thanks to support from Ghanaian artist Awo Tsegah and Ambassadors and Women leaders from various sectors, CFAO Ghana is committing to donate up to $10k to O Africa, an orphan children’s foundation.

Awo and the amazing group of women turned the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross into a canvas and painted amazing artwork on it.

The artwork shows four different women with different complexions, hairstyles and attires to represent unity and inclusion.

You can now weaponize your likes for a positive course.

Like the post below and get your friends to like it too. If it gains 10,000 likes, CFAO Ghana will donate $10k to support O Africa.

If you want a chance to use social media for good, then this is one way to do it.


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