Here’s How To Impress Your Ghanaian Friend’s Parents

Ghanaian parents have a cheat code and once you know what it is, you’ll forever be in their good books. You’ll always be that friend they tell their kids to look up to even if behind closed doors, you’re the leader of the bad gang. Here’s how to impress any Ghanaian grown up.

1. Make sure you talk about wanting to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

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What else shows that you’re a very serious person than than talking about professions they hold in high esteem? 🌚

2. Always have a low hair cut; no locs, no coloured hair

That’s a saint in their books.

3. Be a church usher who’s also in the choir who also leads praise and worship.

4. Whenever you visit them, go and do some work. Wash the dishes, help them pound fufu, help them clean. All of that.

How else will you show them that you’re from a responsible home?

5. Be the smarter in school. Every time your friend’s parents ask who was first in class, make sure it is your name that is mentioned.

6. Dress properly. No sagging trousers. No tattered jeans (according to them, that’s for mad people🌚)

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7. You should always appear in their house when you have to do an assignment to show that you’re a serious person.

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8. Make sure your parents are important people in the community.


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