Let’s See How Well You Will Do With This GH Music Throwback Quiz

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Who made the hit song Lomna va?

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Which duo made the controversial song Tuobodom?

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All of these are songs by Tinny except...

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Which of these artistes was the first to make a musical collaboration with a Nigerian?

tic tac GhOne tv
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Abrewa Nana has a song with Samini, which of these is the title of the song?

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Which of these isn't a song by Lord Kenya?

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Which hiplife artiste did a song about praying in a bathroom with a lady for forgiveness?

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Which of these songs was a hit tune by Okomfour Kwadee?

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GH Music
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When were you born? 2021? šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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You are definitely as 90s kid šŸ”„

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