Dromobii’s Moffy Talks About His Inspiration To Start Music And Why He Chose Hip-Hop

Moffy of Dromobii

Dromobii is a Ghanaian music duo from Accra, Ghana, composed of Musicians Chowdry Aboagye Kusi (aka Paloma) and Joshua Nii Adotei Moffat (aka Moffy). The duo was birthed in October 2019 and christened as “Dromobii,” which translates as Sons of Grace in Ga (a language spoken predominantly by the indigenous people of the Greater Accra Region).

Moffy is the duo’s main vocalist and has a background as formidable as you can find. When he is not singing the lead, he injects bars coated with some form of rhythmic harmony. Moffy began his musical career back in High School and over the years, has learned to master his craft.

His role as the duo’s ruthless rapper is unmatched. Paloma also couples as an intuitive singer, able to quickly settle on just the right way to approach the song. They released their first single titled, ”Dromɔsɔŋŋ” which was produced by Kotiboomin on November 8th, 2019, and is featured on their upcoming EP as a bonus track.

The group then released their next single dubbed ‘This Girl’ on 26th March 2020 to all streaming platforms.

Chowdry Aboagye Kusi (aka Paloma) and Joshua Nii Adotei Moffat (aka Moffy) of Dromobii

The group’s musical style incorporates hip hop, soul music, high life, and trap. As stated by the duo, “We believe Dromobii is a nation full of different Characters and people.” 

The goal of the group is to inspire the world through their experiences in life and the experiences of fans and people around them.

Dromobii earlier this year, released their debut single for the year ‘Midnight.’ Midnight is an intense hip-hop joint about the fast-paced lifestyle associated with the hip-hop genre. In the single, both Moffy and Paloma mince no words in painting a picture of the ideal lifestyle that’s often referred to as “success” in the world of music: drugs, alcohol and generally having a good time. For the artists, the song is a projection of how successful they hope to be.

Speaking to Moffy, Kuulpeeps delves deep into the life of Moffy, exploring his music and why he chose the HipHop genre.

“I’m Moffy, the other half of Dromobii and a final student of the University of Ghana. studying political science. I’m a Ga boy who loves music, food, and sports. In my free time, I either watch music videos or read a book.”

 Kuulpeeps: Other half of Dromobi? Enlighten us, please.

 Moffy: Dromobii is a Ghanaian hiphop duo that consists of Paloma my brother from another mother and myself.

  Kuulpeeps: Why hiphop?

  Moffy: Growing up, I was introduced to Hip Hop by my big brother. Hip hop, I would say has by far taught me how to live in these streets and because of the influence it has had on me, I know it is my turn to influence the next generation after me through my sounds and experience, hence the genre hip hop.

  Kuulpeeps: What makes you believe it’s your turn?

  Moffy: The same way my idols taught me by using their voice on records is the same way I can spread that same love I got to people since I have the opportunity to do so through my music. That’s what we were put here on earth to do; to inspire generations to come and to show love.

  Kuulpeeps: So what really inspired you guys to do music?

  Moffy: What really inspired us was the response we got when we released our first single back in 2019 titled Dromo. That song sparked everything and at that time, my journey had not started but Paloma’s had and so, I got in touch with him and we made something magical and that was it. Basically we’d say the fans inspired us and they usually inspire us to do more

Kuulpeeps: So which artist do you look up to and who do you think you sound like or influences you more on your songs?

  Moffy: Personally, I look up to J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kwesi Arthur, Kojo Cue and Worlasi. I mostly intend to be myself every time on music but I’d say I’m mostly influenced by J Cole and Kendrick.

Stream: Dromɔbii – Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ

 Kuulpeeps: Two international artists… Is there a special reason behind that?

  Moffy: not really. I just listen to more international artists.

Kuulpeeps: How many songs have you done so far, and which of them is your favourite?

  Moffy: We have 9 songs out now and I can’t really pin a favourite because they are all my babies but ”Addiction” definitely is the soul of the songs that we’ve released.

 Kuulpeeps: Aside music, what else do you guys do? Especially you.

  Moffy: So I work aside schooling and music man’s got to eat.

Kuulpeeps: Nice. Your relationship status and age?

Moffy: I’m 22. As for my relationship status, can’t comment on that (winks).

Kuulpeeps: lol, okay. Who produces your songs and how do you fund your song?

  Moffy: We’ve had different producers work with us; Kotiboomin, BryanTheMensah, Bhadboy and Joker Nhana.

Kuulpeeps: Does your fan base have a name and what would you say to them?

Moffy: We love them a lot and they should keep the love coming. More surprises coming their way. Our name says it all. Dromobii. Everyone is a child of grace. And they should keep being themselves and live freely.

Enjoy Dromobii’s latest single Midnight.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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