8 Frustrating Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Ghanaian Parents


Ghanaian parents are special. The way they act most of the time will make you burst out in laughter while at other times, you’ll be downright frustrated! If you have Ghanaian parents, we are sure you’ll relate to these things.

1. They never apologize for ANYTHING but they expect you to forgive them. How does that work?🙄

2. They get angry that you don’t respond to their WhatsApp BCs and even angrier if you don’t believe them.

Muhammad Sarim Akhtar – Disappointed Cricket Fan Meme (image via Pinterest)

3. Some parents never bothered to actually have a relationship with you and now that you’ve grown, they want to be best friends.

4. They never spoke to you about sex but now that you’re old enough, they’re asking about grandkids.🌚

5. They advised you all your life to stay clear of the opposite sex but now that you’re old enough, they’re asking when they’ll meet their in-law.

6. They tell you you’re disrespectful if your views are different from theirs.

7. They do something to annoy you and they get annoyed that you’re annoyed

8. Once they are awake, sleeping becomes a thing of the past for you. If they’re awake, you have to be awake too.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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