Here’s How To Wear Oversized Outfits Stylishly

Oversized outfits have become the norm for most Ghanaians especially when they want to embody street style. All over social media, we see more and more of our favorites going hard on this trend which makes us want to hop on board but there are still a lot of questions like how big should an item be before you wear it hoping to look good in it? How loose should your pants be? How do you manage to look good even when everything seems large on your body?

Well, here’s how to wear oversized outfits stylishly.


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Wear oversized pants with fitted tops if you want to make a fashion statement. This helps keep the balance. An example of loose pants are joggers and boyfriend jeans. Also, oversized doesn’t necessarily mean “big” so you can opt for a wide-leg pair of pants.


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Wear an oversized shirt with a fitted bottom. With the same principle in the first point, this creates a balance with the outfit and prevents you from looking homeless. Jeans and biker shorts are perfect for this look.


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If you’re going for oversized A-line dresses which are dresses that fit snugly to the hips and then has a flare that gives fullness and the A-line shape, you should get them in shorter lengths. Long oversized A-line dress will make you look shorter. You can wear these dresses with heels or flat shoes.


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Buy clothing items close to your size. Yes, sometimes buying really big sizes will work when they’re paired with the right pieces but this doesn’t work for everyone and every clothing choice. Stay within two to three sizes of your standard size to avoid unflattering all-over bagginess.


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You may find yourself looking shapeless with oversized outfits and so it’s encouraged to show some skin. If you wear a really oversized shirt, it’s advisable to wear tiny shorts underneath so the shape of your legs can be seen. If that’s going to be a problem, you can wear the oversized shirt with fishnet stockings.

We hope these tips help.


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