“Let Me See What I Can Do”: Sakordie’s New Freestyle Is One For The Ages


Sarkodie keeps dialling up the pressure while he keeps saying “No Pressure.”

On Monday, he went ahead and released a freestyle that could have easily been a hit song on the album.

His freestyle has taken over the TL thanks to its amazing storytelling ability and the key bars he dropped in there.

One other line popular line in the freestyle, which most of us say all the time but it has taken on a new lease of life just because Sarkodie said it is “Let me see what I can do.”

King Sark was rapping about how a woman keeps finding creative ways to solicit money from him but him being a pro in the game, he’s already seen the format.

Of course, his fans are eating it up word for word, bar to bar, rhyme to rhyme.


Though King Sark has already attained legendary status, he keeps dropping songs like some newbie just hungry for the craft…

…and that is the mark of a true artist.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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