Here’s How You’ll Know You’ve Come Of Age In A Ghanaian Home

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It’s hard to figure out whether you’re an adult or child in a Ghanaian home because yes, you can be legal, you can even be 25 years and you’ll still be considered as a baby by your parents. Here’s how you’ll know you’re now considered as an adult in a Ghanaian home.

1. When they start asking for your opinions on issues.

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2. When you start paying bills at home

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3. When they stop calling you to ask when you’ll be home.

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4. When they stop sending you money because apparently, you get paid now.

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5. When they give you a “Ghanaian parent apology” after they do something wrong.

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6. When you have actual grown-up conversations with them without them telling you “You’re a child.”

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7. When they start asking who your boyfriend/girlfriend is.

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8. When they aren’t bothered that you didn’t sleep home the whole weekend.

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How many of these have your parents ticked off? Let us know in the comments section.


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