GHS 2-3K Salary Good Or Bad? Twitter Has Questionable Opinions

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

It was Sunday and while half of Twitter were confused about when the actual date for Father’s Day was, the other half were also discussing salary levels in Ghana.

Already, it is an established fact that a significant number of young Ghanaians are unable to secure decent emoloyment.

Then of those that do, very few make some good money from their jobs.

That is why we have sort of romanticised the idea of getting a side gig to help shore up your finances.

Because, it has been agreed that if you want to enjoy the levels of Accra and the other finer things in life then you cannot do that with one revenue stream.

Mostly because salaries are generally low.

It has been widely accepted that if you make between GHS 2,000 and GHS 3,000 in this Accra and Ghana, then you should be cool.

You must employ the best financial wiz starter pack to live within your means and make sure that you satisfy all your financial demands.

Whatever Ghana Twitter says, it’s all on you.

At the end of the day, whether you’ve got a side gig or not and if you’re fortunate to be counted among the employed then there are two things to note.

Live within your revenue stream and if you can’t, then by all means find legit ways to increase it.

But do not let someone use their own experience to determine how much salary should be ok for you.

It could be GHS 3,000 a month or GHS 10,000 a month. It’s all relative to you and nobody else and their assumption of what should be ok for you.


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