5 Things To Do After Taking Down A Protective Style

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After weeks and for some people, months of wearing protective styles, you would have to take down these styles to let your hair breathe a little. Leaving your hair in protective styles sometimes is important but what’s more important are the activities you do to your hair right after taking them out, to keep the hair healthy and make sure that whatever new growth you have is maintained.

1. Finger detangle

This is extremely important because your hair, especially the base will be tangled and will have hair that was supposed to be shed still in there. Finger detangling allows you to control the detangling process before including a detangling tool. Make sure you spritz water onto the hair before you pass your fingers through it. Remember that your hair sheds between 50 and 100 hairs a day and so if you end up with a ball of your own hair you need to get rid of, that’s okay.

2. Cleanse scalp and hair

You can choose to use a clarifying shampoo or a regular shampoo. The point is to remove all the dirt. oils and product buildup that has accumulated over the weeks from your hair. You can choose to use your shampoo 3 times before applying your conditioner or use a clarifying shampoo, an ACV and water mixed rinse, or bentonite clay mask.

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3. Deep Condition

Your hair hasn’t seen water or been moisturised for weeks. You need to do a deep condition treatment to restore both strength and moisture to your hair. Make sure that you sit under a steamer or use a shower cap because, heat opens the hair cuticle allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair easier and bring the moisture back in.

4. Trim if necessary

If you didn’t trim your ends before the protective style, after washing your hair, check the ends to see if they need to be trimmed. If they do, get it done.

5. Style and leave your hair

The styling we are talking about here is a low manipulation style. You can divide your hair into 4 parts and braid them or you can do twists; whatever style that will prevent your hair from getting tangled but you need t leave your hair like that for a few weeks before getting out extensions again. Too much manipulation will affect your hair.

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