Today Is Not Father’s Day Though Twitter Says So

Father and a son. File Photo

Check on the trending topics today on Twitter and you’d see Father’s Day trending.

Businesses are selling packages and others are wondering why Father’s Day was not being celebrated as we did mother’s day.

Well, that part is an age-old question, however, one explanation could be that it is not father’s day.

Yes, a lot of us were confused and wondering whether today, the second Sunday in June was father’s day.

Well, we blame your confusion on the well-deserved popularity of mother’s day.

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and naturally, many assume that with father’s day just a month away it would also be celebrated on the second Sunday in June.

However, that is not an entirely wrong assumption – that’s if you or your father lives in Austria or Belgium.

In Ghana and in more than 80 countries around the world including the United Kingdom and the United States Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

If you have already presented your gift or sent your “Happy Father’s Day” message already, no problem.

Your celebrated father figure gets to enjoy two father’s day this year, which we are sure they more than deserve it.


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