5 Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a whole wedding can take its toll on your mental health and especially, your bank account. It’s important to remember these points when everything is going on around you.

1. Have a budget

Don’t spend what you cannot afford. You shouldn’t spend all your life savings on your wedding. After, how will you survive?

2. Beautiful wedding ceremony is not equal to beautiful marriage

Don’t invest so much time and effort into having a viral wedding ceremony when you know the person you’re marrying doesn’t even like you like that or they abuse you. You know very well that you won’t be happy when you get married to them but because of appearances, you still continue. You’re worrying yourself.

3. Have fun

If you can afford it, get a wedding planner who will handle your headaches about the wedding. No one plans to do a wedding more than once so when you’re having yours, enjoy yourself!

4. Be selective with your guest list

We get that even your mother’s guests alone can be more than the people you yourself planned to invite but you need to both sit with your parents and explain your budget. If they want to invite more people, they should add money.

5. Share the responsibilities

As said earlier, if you can afford a wedding planner, get one. If not too, share the different tasks for the wedding among family and close friends. They’ll be more than happy to be included in the preparations.

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