How Did You Find Out You Were Being Cheated On? People Share Their Experiences

Experiences like these can be more damaging than we think but we usually just brush them off and move on with our lives. There are a lot of people out here with trust issues that they need to talk about with their therapists because one person decided that, they cannot control their urges. We spoke to a number of you and also asked on our Instagram pages for your experiences with cheating partners; how you found out they were cheating on you and all of them were heartbreaking. Check them out.

1. Martha

I was going through his gallery and I found nudes on his phone. The girl was my junior in SHS. I was so mad but I eventually calmed down and we spoke about it. He started being a lot more caring and extremely over protective. He thought I didn’t really forgive him and was always on my case when I went out or if he hadn’t heard from me in a while. Eventually I had to call things off.

2. Ama

It has happened to me twice. The first one, apparently, I was even the side chick. I did a social media search of his page and realized he was constantly being tagged in photos by one particular girl. I checked her page and realized they had been dating for a while. I left him. The second time, I didn’t know he was married. His wife’s cousin found out that I was dating her man and she sent a warning that I should stay away. I asked the man about it and he confirmed so I left.

3. Emily

I actually do my research about whoever asks me out or I move to. So for my case, I found out via their social media platforms because I have no post on my socials so they don’t know it’s me. Other times too their friends told me because I do well to vibe well with their friends so much that they can’t lie but even if they do, I still follow up till I find evidence.

4. Charlotte

Unfortunately, my relationship became long distance after some months but then this guy said oh, we can still work things out so we used to video call a lot. After a while, I realised I used to do all the calling. When I text him, he won’t respond. He will reply days after but he’ll still be updating his status. When I ask him about it, he’ll tell me sorry and that school has been hectic coupled with work too. Plus the UK abrab) was apparently not as easy as I think it is. Local girl like me, what can I do than to just accept his explanation until a very good friend of mine came to me and told me she had found new love. Who is this person ah? She sent me his pictures and their texts, only for me to see my boyfriend’s face. Yup! So this man had moved to another woman and it really hurt that it had to be with a very good friend of mine.

5. Ella

I had taken pictures on his phone and I was sending them to myself. I saw a number he hadn’t saved at the top of his chats and I decided to open it. My boyfriend had told this girl that he was single and they were chatting like they were in a relationship. I was so confused and angry. He should explain himself ah, he said, the girl was rich and that his friends convinced him to chat with her to get money from her. Sigh. Men will disgrace you!

6. Abigail

I have been cheated on severally. The first time, the guy cheated on me with my own school daughter. I found out 4 months after he started cheating. He didn’t know I knew the girl so he told the girl that he was single and other lies. Later, the girl told him she knew me that I was her school mum yet he kept feeding her with lies so the girl started giving me attitude and all not talking to me and all but I didn’t mind. One day, I posted something on my status and she told me everything the guy told her and how the guy forced himself on her and slept with her. When I found out, I lost hope and was in total shock. I confronted him and he apologized repeatedly. I told him I wanted space to think because he had broken my trust for him. He gave me my space and after a while, I told him I couldn’t be with him.


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