Why We Need To Be Worried About Ghana Police Service Silencing Young Voices

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For every passing week, the Ghana Police Service is becoming unpopular by the day.

Their radical decisions and inaction on certain matters are nearly contributing to what people call a state of insecurity spiced with government-sponsored attacks on the human and constitutional rights of the citizens.

A number of key events have occurred in the country which has led many to draw this conclusion.

For instance, the attack on the rights of people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community. Earlier this year, the police shut down a safe space set up for LGBTQ people and 21 days ago, journalists joined forces with the police to cause the arrest of human rights activists in Ho.

#ReleaseAllThe21 campaign. Photo credit: @ningo_nyobi1

According to the police, the 21 were arrested for unlawful assembly. Since their arrest 21 days ago, they have been denied bail on four different court appearances.

While the police’s poor handling of the LGTBQ issue lingers on, they have also made an enemy in the conveners of the #FixTheCountry campaign. They have actively worked against a planned demonstration. They went to court to secure an injunction, a ban that has later been nullified by the Supreme Court. Yet, they are unrelenting even to the extent that the police implied that they can use unlawful force to stop the protest from going forward.

While the service is spending its energy on jailing human rights activists and preventing young people from exercising their constitutional right to protest, actual crimes are going on every day unabated.

For instance, in broad daylight yesterday and just opposite the Head Quarters of the Ghana Police Service, armed robbers reportedly attacked a forex bureau. Take in the audacity armed robbers had to rob a financial institution from a walking distance from what is supposed to be the most powerful “police station” in the country.

Furthermore, despite repeated reports of armed attacks on motorists on some of the scariest roads in Accra, such as the GIMPA, the police have since not done any on the groundwork to prevent the next attack.

What it has done so far is to release a statement acknowledging the problem and asking victims to report their cases at the nearest police station.

All these and more are making a lot of young people disillusioned about the Ghana Police Service and their mantra of protecting lives and properties.

While the efforts to stop young people from voicing concerns are ongoing, it also behooves on young people to ensure that they are never silent or silenced.

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