Kicks, Flicks, Banter And Music – 3rd METGALA(The Off Szn) Slated For July

METGala-Met FT

In a world that’s rapidly moving towards total digitalization, it is no surprise to see more and more people spend a vast majority of their time online, rooted to their mobile and computer devices, MetGala by Met Ft a sporting organization aims to be a multifaceted event that provides an escape from the confines of the virtual world and promote healthy living among the youth.

They have built an environment for sports lovers, followers, and banters to back their bants, put their knowledge of the game to the test in a football competition. The event sets a stage for fans of various football teams face each other in the beautiful game.

Part of their vision is to enable young people to express their talent among their peers, with exceptional talents eventually with the right partnerships being given the chance to go professional. The event also helps foster the need for both awareness of societal problems and compassion among the youth, which is a key part of cooperation and solidarity needed for nation-building.

Having had two successful competitions in 2019 and 2020, organizers are poised to host their third event this year with many exciting additions to the event. Last year’s event was bigger and better with close to 1000 attendees. While others were battling it on the pitch, others bonded with their friends and socials over good food and music. They also partnered with Little Token Foundation, a registered NGO, to help raise funds for communities that lacked basic schooling infrastructure.

Metgala has become twitter’s number one sporting event with many people including non-sports lovers yearning to be part of the experience. With the two previous events trending on twitter, it has increased expectations and thirst for the third event.

In a thread on twitter, organizers of the event expressed their excitement ahead of this year’s event, ensuring patrons and teams of a bigger and better experience. The event slated for 31st July, 2021 under the theme #OffSzn. As such, MET FT is issuing out a call to individuals and institutions who wish to partner or sponsor aspects of this year’s event which promises to be thrice as big and better. There will be a lot of activities for players and spectators as a whole with board games, video games competitions, photobooths and music from some of your favorite Djs.  MetGala aims to be a brand that’s a conduit for fostering community centric values among the youth using the internet in conjunction with real life activities that are enjoyable, provide opportunity for growth, financial gain and help boost development in the country.

For enquires and further information, you can contact the organizers via their social media handle @ft_met, email [email protected] or the number 0502967945/ 0552526655

Source: Met Ft

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