Here’s How To Use Bentonite Clay Mask For Your Natural Hair

Bentonite clay works as a clarifier and detoxifier. It can be imagined as a magnet for product buildup in a sense that, once applied to the hair, they attract all impurities and buildup and so when washed out, all these stuff are washed out of the hair as well. Bentonite clay conditions, softens, and reduces frizz. It also encourages curl definition and shine.

The simplest way to do your clay mask is to add water but adding these other ingredients will give you better results.

1. Use any bentonite clay bought especially from beauty shops on Instagram.

2. Use a bowl/spoon made of plastic, ceramic or wooden materials. Metals can activate the clay before it gets to your hair and you don’t want that because it reduces it’s ability to detoxify your hair.

3. Add your essential oils to the clay powder and mix it up.

4. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water: 3 parts water to 1 part ACV. 

5. Add the ACV and water mixture to the clay and oils mixture and stir until your clay mask has a yoghurt-like consistency

6. Get your hair damp and section it. Take one section and apply the clay mask on your strands making sure they’re covered. If the mask gets hardened while applying to other sections, spray water on it to dampen it.

7. After 30 minutes wash out the clay mask. It may be hard to get rid of everything but make sure you remove a chunk of it from your hair.

8. Bentonite clay can be drying so make sure you do a deep condition treatment after.

Let us know how this goes when you try it.


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