The Transport Fare Increase Is Making Adulting A Lot Harder

High angle shot of a young male looking stressed while working on his computer in the office (GettyImages)

Most Ghanaians started this week with a hit to their personal finances.

In a country where most people rely on public transport to move from one place to the other, any increase in fare affects a lot of people.

For most young people who have jobs and a starting to find their feet, this is a huge blow to their personal finances.

For many others who are unemployed yet need to move around to barely make a living, the 13 per cent increase is unbearable.

In actual monetary value, some people have had to pay more than GHS 1 more than usual.

What is also making the situation difficult is that with the fare up, prices of other goods and services are also going to go up.

The domino effect and it final effect on the young Ghanaian is very difficult.

Young people have taken to social media to share how the transport fares is making their lives a lot harder.

With the increasingly high cost of living, the standards of living for many young people are falling.

Unable to pay rent, afford electricity and water is creating a generation of young people who can’t catch a break.


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