Marince Omario Serves Fans With New Video For ‘Seke’ Feat The Art

Marince Omario Serves Fans With New Video For ‘Seke’ Feat The Art

“Seke” is lifted off Marince Omario’s latest EP, ‘Tsotsoo’, a love story dedicated to the loving memory of his late grandmother Auntie Otsoo (Margaret Tsostoo), which was released in October 2020. “Tsotsoo” was preceded by one of Marince’s beautiful body of work “Oblitey” EP, which brings to life his experiences of life in the city of Accra.

Seke is a song I indulge in my fantasy of being a sponsor to a beautiful girl from my hometown; Opah.

Opah, according to Marince is a little village on the outskirts of Accra near Amasaman where he used to frequently visit his grandmom Auntie Otsoo (Magareret Tsostoo). There he celebrated Homowo with her alongside other family and friends. “I particularly liked how the girls would give me attention and treat me. This made me vow to bring them to the city to show them a good time.” Marince said.

“Visually, The ART and I  collaborated with Protoje Direction on envisioning a trip to a space-themed Opah where we show how ‘Seke’ (crazy) the village girls drive us,” he added.


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