Kumasi Hive Starts Online Platform For Training In Emerging Technologies

Kumasi Hive Academy

The COVID-19 menace has necessitated the leverage of the virtual space to reach millions around the globe.

The Kumasi Hive has, therefore, created an online learning platform known as Hive Academy (web and mobile application) that extends the already existing training infrastructure and services of Kumasi Hive online.

Kumasi Hive has been a tech hub since 2015 and has a mission of creating equal opportunities for the Ghanaian youth.

image via Kumasi Hive

This is achieved by providing relevant training in emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D modelling and printing, web development and digital fabrication besides giving trainees the platform for rapid prototyping of ideas.

The Hive again supports entrepreneurship through business incubation and acceleration programs run for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), as well as, making available scale up funds to budding startups.

“Training at the Hive over the years have been in demand but not everyone had the time to be physically present to participate especially those outside the region,” said Gertrude Goh, the initiative lead.

“Again, after training, some students also require access to more resources and a community to keep them updated with the current trends. Though the software team has been working on the platform to address such issues in the past year, the covid-19 menace created the need to speed up with the development of the platform,” she added.

image via Kumasi Hive

The Hive Academy Online Learning Platform increases accessibility to training programs run at Kumasi Hive while fostering self-paced learning for users.

In addition, the platform has an engagement feature that enables users to make submissions on a particular study course.

source: JoyNews

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