‘My School Fees For You’: The Familiar Cry For Love On This Week’s Date Rush

Ima and Frema. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

This week’s episode of the speed dating reality TV show, Date Rush, once again provided some key relationship conversational points.

Each week the show has been on the air, it has provided practical examples of certain issues that people experience in their romantic relationships – especially those with “serious” partners.

Also, the show, in its flawed sense shows the desperation and the troubles of first getting someone to date in the first place.

Here are some of the key conversational points that came out of the show.

School Fees

When people have bent to the will of society and are desperate to have a significant other. They can often do certain things that look illogical. Desperate to secure a date, one of the women on the panel offered to give the man looking for a date her school fees. She was willing to give up on her education, at least for one semester or an academic year, just so she could have someone to “call my boyfriend”.

Dance off. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

A Lady Who Understands

Finding the right partner is very crucial in having a loving relationship. Sometimes one’s nature of job could end up sowing seeds of discords in their love life. A male suitor who works in the entertainment industry and hangs out with a lot of ladies indicated that he needs a lady who would understand the territory that comes with his work. Though that makes sense, however, what is often the case is that it is the lady who must understand, however, when the tables are turned, men often do not want to understand that their partner who works in the entertainment industry would need to hang out with a lot of other men.

Fatima got a date. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

What Will You Do To Push my Career?

As partners, the couples are also partners in life. There is a need to support each other to advance their respective careers. The support can vary, which may include financial, emotional, technical advice, networking, and others.

The Busy Partner

What do you do, when your partner is busy and almost ghosts you all the time? Do you give up? Do you go searching? or do you stay strong and wait? What if she promises to be better and check up often? Will that work for you and what happened to communication makes a relationship?

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