If You Don’t Like Cooking, You’ll Relate With These Struggles

Just so we are clear, we are speaking about everyone as cooking is not a gender thing but a basic life skill. It can be a little worrying knowing you don’t like to cook but also acknowledging that you need to at least try and do it in bulk since that reduces the number of times you’ll stand in the kitchen and also easier to reduce getting food poisoning.

1. You showing up at home with bowls knowing very well that your mum is cooking that weekend

2. You ignoring your hunger everyday just to get up later, extremely weak to prepare Milo drink.

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3. You struggling to eat indomie for the 7th time in a row.

4. You seeing how much you spend on food orders every week.

5. On the days you actually have to cook in bulk, this is you.

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6. Once you start cooking, the Chef in you wakes up and you actually have fun 👀

7. Right after cooking, the hunger vanishes leaving you with a level of tiredness you forgot existed and you start wondering who at all sent you.

8. You deal with constipation usually because you eat bread, rice, gari and indomie everyday.


9. Your fridge usually has a lot of drinks for one of the days when you lie in bed until the hunger makes you weak and dizzy

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10. All the food sellers in your area know your name and your order off the top of their heads.

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