How To Trim Your Split Ends On Your Own

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Trims are important because split ends will definitely lead to forming more knots which also leads to more breakage. It’s important to trim your ends every 3-4 months. It’s not entirely advisable to trim your ends yourself but when push comes to shove and you cannot find a natural hair salon to get it done, you can attempt to do it yourself.

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The first thing to remember is to not use normal scissors. Normal scissors can cause more split ends. Rather, use quality hair shears that are sharp.

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The next thing to know about trims is to cut each strand straight across and never trim at an angle. Trimming at an angle will cause the hair shaft to become uneven which in turn causes the ends to get weakened. Weakened ends mean there will still be split ends.

A lot of people cut their ends when the hair is wet but it’s advised to do it when the hair is dry.

You can trim your ends using a “search and destroy” method. Here, you’re not trimming your whole head but actively searching for split-ends, frayed spots, knots and breakage points that need to be trimmed. This can take a lot more time. / Via

Another way is to twist your hair. When you twist the hair, the ends that are frayed or split become very obvious to see.

The last way is to blow dry your hair. Blow drying may allow you to see the ends that need to go. You need to be meticulous about this one. If you don’t have a steady hand, just do the twist method. This type of trim is usually done by the professionals.

Don’t forget that, the more you trim, the longer it will take for you to reach your length goals so in between the trims, do proper haircare practices so your ends are always healthy.


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