How To Know A Ghanaian Woman Has Caught Feelings For You

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Ghanaian women can be hard to understand since even we ourselves don’t understand us but one thing that will make things clearer is the way we act. Especially when we like you. It can be very obvious and yet subtle but if you’ve dated a number of us, you already know the drill. If you still aren’t sure, here’s how you know a Ghanaian lady has fallen for you.

1. She spends on you

Most of the time, ladies are usually the ones asking for stuff but when she really likes you, she’s willing to buy stuff you say you want in passing. They’re very attentive and will keep surprising you one day or another.

2. She calls you “big head”

Don’t ask us why but “soft” insults make all the difference. Calling you big head is one of the first signs that she really likes you. She’ll also say things like, “you think you’re nice” and pass other light comments. Just know that, she likes you.

3. She’ll feed you

Whether she’ll cook for you or order food, once you say you’re hungry, she’s not going to say “eat something for me er” like your gender does. She takes the initiative and orders something for you or cooks. Even if not immediately, you know that, she’s planning on how to make sure you don’t complain about food for a while.

4. They want to fight anyone that causes you stress

Have you seen a “girlfriend” handle a waitress who messes up her boyfriend’s order? Lmao! Usually the guys will say it’s fine but the ladies are the ones who take it personally. They’ll make sure you correct your mistake. If they had the energy, they would actually fight physical battles for their men.

5. They always want to spend time with you

This is standard. If your girl doesn’t want to hang out with you then is she really your girl? After spending the whole day with you, when you have to go your separate ways, she’ll still hang on to you, asking if you can stay a little longer.

6. They’ll frustrate you

Well who else will give them the attention they want? Frustration is a part of the excitement and deal.

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