#FixTheCountry: How New Challenges Are Keeping The Hashtag In The Trends List

Man with Ghana Flag. Credit: Kalyjay

A flurry of activities in the past couple of days has reinvigorated the #FixTheCountry hashtag that has turned into a movement.

The disappointing mass crowding at the funeral of the NPP stalwart, Sir John, the recent transport fare hike and an hour-long discussion about EndSARS and #FixTheCountry in an African Activism network, have given the reboot to the hashtag.

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While it seems to have been a little silent in the past couple of days, the re-energized Ghanaians who are still battling systematic challenges are still making their voices heard.

Today, Ghanaians are ramping up the pressure as they raise the same demands they have been making for weeks now.

By highlighting the challenges of the high cost of transport and various systematic challenges that are hindering the success of many young people, the movement is once again serving as a conduit for the young to verbalize their frustration.


While the Ghanaian youth are fighting for the best country they deserve with #FixTheCountry, Nigerians who are living through a government ban of Twitter, are also making their own calls.

On June 12, Nigerians both home and abroad are expected to march against their government, insecurity in their country and, even calling for the resignation of their president Muhammadu Buhari.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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