Comparing Prices In Accra And Kumasi: The Horrifying Truth

A police officer controls a car at a roadblock to restrict inter-city movement during partial lockdown in the cities of Accra and Kumasi to slow the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Circle neighborhood of Accra, Ghana, March 31, 2020. REUTERS/Francis Kokoroko

We all feel the cost of living in Accra. Things are expensive, especially if you’re a youth. The things that we spend on: food, transportation and having an active social life keep getting more and more ridiculously priced. It makes you wonder if things are the same everywhere. Well, the answer is no.

We talk to @boobsoverbooks, the funniest Twitter account you’re going to follow, and find out what his experience has been with how things are priced in Accra, when compared to the cost of living in Kumasi.

Rent: Accra Is More Expensive

When it comes to rent, living in Accra is far more costly than living in Kumasi. In Kumasi, if you wanted to rent a place, paying GHC 1000 for a full year is considered expensive. Meanwhile, places like East Legon will charge GHC 5000 for a room in Accra.

Clothes: Guess Where Is More Expensive

Naturally, clothes are more expensive in Accra. According to @boobsoverbooks, when he was in university, he could buy a thrift shirt for GHC 10 and sell it for GHC 40 because that was the price on the market in Accra.

Waakye: Accra Is More Expensive. Shocking

When it comes to buying food, you’ll be able to spend 3 cedis on a meal in Kumasi and be full. We know that’s hardly the case in Accra. In fact, let’s look at Waakye. You’ll have trouble finding a Waakye seller in Accra selling gari or spaghetti for anything less that 50 pesewas. However, @boobsoverbooks says at the University of Winneba you can get meat for that same price (50 pesewas).

Restaurants are also cheaper in Kumasi. You can go out to a nice place with good food and good service like Ahonjo and be able to dine for 20/30 cedis. The chop bars are also similarly less expensive in Kumasi than they are in Accra.

The Malls: Here Prices Are Largely The Same

Pretty much the only area that you might find similar prices between Accra and Kumasi is when it comes to prices at the mall. Eateries, the cinema, and other shops at the mall have largely the same prices at their counterpart shops in Accra.

@boobsoverbooks has had job offers in Accra, but he chooses to stay in Kumasi because of the higher cost of living here. He says the night life in Kumasi is lacking, but if you’re from Accra and you ever live there, you’re not going to want to leave.



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