10 Different Types Of UENR Students When They Experience A Breakup

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Sometimes, it can a relief to see a relationship that sucks take its last breath and other times it can be very traumatic with ‘collateral damages’. Yes it can be that tough and handling it, especially when you put your all in the relationship is not easy at all. Here, take a look at some peoples’ reaction after breakup. Which one of them were/are you?

 1. The Cry Babies.

These ones can cry for the whole world if they are given the chance. No jokes. Some even fast alongside. Well, we know for a fact that it is rational and very okay to cry charley.

2. The Overeaters and Nibblers.

On God, the overeating binges are unstoppable. They can eat anything eatable at anytime. From ice cream to eating kenkey and fish at 2am. And for the nibblers, it’s just sad. They just can’t bring themselves to eat anything! Even if they are gluttons, everything automatically tastes like paper.

3. The Crazy Ones.

They are angry with everyone and everything. See, after you breakup with them move to space, in fact take all your family members with you. 

4. The Ones That Won’t Let Go.

It’s not over until they say so. If your love bundle is done, they will hotspot you.  They are the we die here geng and their favourite song is either I will never forget you by Zara Larson or hello by Adele.

5. The Motivational Speakers.

“I  am the CEO of my life” squad. Don’t joke with them. They can become musicians, poets, therapists and all after a breakup. 99.99% of them don’t even do half of what they post on the social media apps or tell others. It can be sad but that’s how they do to stay sane (for a certain period of time).

6. The Ones Who Erase Relationships From Their Dictionaries. 

In their minds they won’t find love again, well not in any human being. These ones become terrified and just shut themselves from love because they are scared they would get hurt again.

7. The Over Confident Ones.

These ones believe that whatever happens one day their exes will come back begging for a come back and even if it was their fault they don’t see it. In their eyes they are the most perfect individuals on earth.  

8. The CIDs and Secret Agengts

These ones will stalk the hell out of you. They want to see how their exes are doing. Are they moving on? Is he/she dating again? Stress!

9. The Beggars

Everyone will vow never to be one of these people but wait, Love no catch you before. These ones can cry and beg and beg and beg, even if they did nothing wrong.

10. The Rebounder.

Unless God touches their heart, they will move from one person to another all in the name of distraction. But the distraction is just for a while and they normally go back to square one.

Which one of these 10 are you? Or you can see yourself in all?

Hey, you should know that it is allowed to cry, feel numb and be a wreck but life goes on.

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