Here’s All You Need To Know About The Women’s Commissioner (WOCOM) Of UEW

The WOCOM of UEW is one exceptional young lady who came into office not long ago but has done great things to help young ladies on campus. Due to this, we at Kuulpeeps UEW decided to have an interview session with her over the weekend in order to know her better.

Can you tell us your name?

My name is Rahmat Wataara.

Image of Rahmat Wataara

What course are you offering and in what level?

I’m offering B.A Political science and currently in level 300.

Which SHS did you complete and did you hold any prefectorial position?

I attended Kumasi Academy and I was the general secretary for Ghana Muslims Students Association.

That makes a lot of sense then. You love to be a leader. Why did you decide to become the WOCOM of UEW? What was your inspiration?

I was inspired to take this position because, I’m someone who has passion for humanity and I believe it doesn’t take only rich people to help but it takes someone with the passion and zeal to serve humanity. Anything concerning women has always been my focus. I want others to know it takes a determined mind not rich mind to lead and be an inspiration to the lives of others.

Image of Rahmat Wataara

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in office soo far?

I’ve faced a lot of challenges these few months I assumed office but I will just highlight on a few. One of the major challenges is organizing programs and seminars on campus in this COVID-19 era. More protocols must be followed and due to that, my team and I agreed to go by the virtual means because that is like the new normal now.

What are some of the things you have achieved since you assumed office?

I’ve been able to organize a program called “WALK WITH WOCOM.”

Walk with WOCOM

This program in a long way brings the ladies together to share experiences, learn a lot from each other and have aerobics to keep themselves healthy.

Walk With WOCOM held at UEW

Also I organized a leadership seminars for female student leaders. We are having a workshop for female students to learn hand work such as soap making, makeup, bead making, hair dressing and many more. This is a very grand women empowerment seminar which is going to build the females now and after leaving campus.
There is also the Miss UEW beauty pageant which boosts the confidence of participants and expose them to quite a lot of stuff.

Those were very great ideas and we hope a lot more ladies took advantage of this opportunity. What future plans do you have for WOCOM UEW?

My future plans for WOCOM UEW is for something better than we have now. I hope that if I haven’t completed some of my policies after my tenure, they will be done by my successor. I also think we should elect someone with a great personality who is ready to serve wholeheartedly after I’m done.

Image of Rahmat Wataara

What other thing do you do aside schooling and how do you combine it with academic works and your position?

Aside schooling, I’m a makeup artist. Frankly speaking, it is not that easy combining school, work and my position as the WOCOM but I always say when you are determined in doing something you love and enjoy, you do it without feeling anything but joy. I believe I came to acquire a degree but I shouldn’t leave campus with only a certificate but with a lot of experience and knowledge and I think that’s what am doing now since I assumed office and my business at the side.

Image of Rahmat Wataara

Do you have any final words to the Ladies of UEW?

What I want to tell my lovely ladies of UEW is to never give up; it shouldn’t be an option. When you want something you should be determined and disciplined to get to where you want. IT is not always about where you come from but what you have in you and I believe we all have these special things within let us realize them and it will take us far.


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