5 UPSA Students Give Detailed Descriptions Of The Qualities They Look Out For In A Man

1. Nana Yaa

He should have respect for everyone especially women. He should care and always give me a little bit of attention. He should give me that respect of not making me find out if he’s cheating.

2. Victoria

He should be filled with humility and kindness and should be the right amount of confident. He should be good looking and disciplined and should always come to me in honesty. Lastly, he should have the right amount of money.

3. Maxine

A Dark tall gentleman with a beard covering his face, good looking with a great sense of humor. A man who’s a giver and who takes responsibility over his emotions, duties and faults. Who acknowledges the presence of God and who cares about people.

4. Geraldine

First, he should be good looking, he should know how to talk to me nicely and calmly and treat me like the queen I am. Secondly, he should not just respect me but also extend the respect to the people in my circle and lastly, I’m not asking for everything good but he should have a good character.

5. Chelsea

When it comes to type of guy I like, he should be tall and good looking. I am more into white guys 😂 and he should be hardworking as well. He should be sweet, caring and romantic. Most of all he should be a religious person and God fearing.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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