4 Things To Know About Your Partner Before Marriage

When we think about getting married to someone we think we want to spend our whole life with, we usually don’t think of another possible outcome. Divorce.

Well, nobody obviously wants to think about that because apart from your petty quarrels with your partner, everything is perfect. Right?

Thing is, there has been a lot of “glorifying” of marriage and so we usually see how “amazing” it is and many women especially are brought up to think it’s an “honor” to marry; no matter who the type of person you’re marrying is. To them, the mere fact that they are off the market and get to have a ring on their finger and would be called “Mrs.” is enough for them forgetting that, that’s a whole other human being they are pledging to stay by in sickness and in health until death do them apart. If you haven’t experienced these people in their various mood swings, how will you cope when they switch? What if they throw “blows” when angry? Or that’s an acceptable sacrifice because they made you a husband or wife?

We’ve compiled a list of things we think you should know about your partner before you get married.

1. What are their financial goals and how are they working to achieve that?

Money spoils every kind of relationship and marriages aren’t left out. You need to know what your partner’s vision is and see if that’s something you can support them with or something you are okay with. People enter into marriages and find out that their partners are actually broke or have gambling issues, are spendthrifts or are owing a lot of people and this will obviously become your headache too. You’ll be thinking you can save but will end up helping them pay off loans and debts. You also have to have the conversation about whether or not the two of you are financially compatible—not in terms of how much you earn, but in how you view and manage money.

2. Children

Do you both want kids? How many? What will be another alternative if having your own kids isn’t an option for you? It’s important to know what your options are and where your partner stands in all of this.

3. Expectations of childcare and home care

Taking care of the home ranges from cooking to cleaning and the likes. What does your partner think about that? Even from your observation, are they people likely to wash dishes or sweep? Are they people who would rather wash a bunch of soothes just to get away from ironing? Once kids come into the picture, things will definitely change in the home. Are they going to have gender based allocation of work where the woman takes care of the baby, the house and still goes to work? Will one person want to stay home while the other works full time?

4. Dealing with the in-laws

Most, if not all of us love our parents but when it comes to your matrimonial home, you need boundaries otherwise they’ll move in out of the blue and you cannot do anything about it. How do you handle situations involving your in-laws and your current family with your partner? Are you giving a set time for them to leave after they visit so they don’t overstay their welcome?

Marriage means a lot of different things to people so you need to discuss a lot of things before taking that step. For some things, you don’t need to actually speak on it. You’ll see your partner and the way they react in certain situations. Just make sure you don’t ignore the red flags.

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